Positive report for Yate primary school with Ofsted inspector rating it good

November 28 2017

A YATE school has been praised for its good quality of education and “highly effective” leadership team.

A YATE school has been praised for its good quality of education and “highly effective” leadership team.

Wellesley Primary School was visited by Nathan Kemp, an inspector from Ofsted, in order to carry out the first short inspection since the school was judged to be good in 2013.

Mr Kemp, said: “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.”

In a letter to headteacher Heather Small he said: “You lead a highly effective leadership team. Each member is astute and has an accurate assessment of the school’s performance. 

  “Your checks on teaching are of central importance at Wellesley Primary School. These checks form part of a thorough monitoring process which improves outcomes for pupils, as well as improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.” 

He said leaders had high expectations and outcomes for pupils continued to improve, while governors held leaders to account effectively. 

Safeguarding was effective and behaviour across the school was positive, with pupils demonstrating courtesy towards every member of the school. Pupils, parents and staff were overwhelmingly positive about the school. 

Mr Kemp said the school had realised that progress for the most able pupils in maths needed to improve by the time they left the school so steps were taken to ensure that happened.

He said: “As a result, current most able pupils in the school make strong progress.” 

Action was also taken to give children more support in reading comprehension.

Mr Kemp said the attendance rate for all pupils was higher than the national average and work had been done to improve attendance by particular groups, with progress evident in the last academic year.

He also said support for pupils with special educational needs or disabilities was another positive aspect of the school’s work.