Protesters take part in People’s Vote march

October 31 2018

People from Thornbury and Yate have headed to London to join thousands of others from all over the UK in a protest against Brexit.

The Thornbury and Yate coach was sold out with organisers saying some on board had never been on a demonstration before.  

Nigel & Jackie Quarrell from Thornbury said: "We are campaigning for a People's Vote on the terms of any proposed Brexit deal as we want to be able to say to our grandchildren that we did all we could to protect their future."

The protest follows a protest in Thornbury and Yate.  Activists surveyed shoppers on the High Street and claim they found huge support for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

Andy O’Brien from the Thornbury and Yate People’s Vote group said: 

“Our Thornbury Brexitometer followed one in Yate, and both produced the same result. Most people didn’t think Brexit was going well, they didn’t think it would be good for jobs or the NHS. And they were in favour of a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”