Reassurance given over asbestos risk after fire on Yate industrial estate

October 30 2017

It has been confirmed that the pet supplies warehouse in Yate that was destroyed by fire had asbestos in it.


It has been confirmed that the pet supplies warehouse in Yate that was destroyed by fire had asbestos in it.  

Fire crews from the town, as well as Thornbury, Kingswood, Bristol and Portishead, were sent to Beeches Industrial Estate on Waverley Road to tackle the flames.

The area around the premises was cordoned off as smoke poured from the 30x30-metre building (98x98ft), with people in nearby buildings urged to stay away.

Despite the presence of asbestos, experts say that the danger to health is low.  

Dr Chitra Arumugam, Consultant in Health Protection at Public Health England, said:  “During fires, asbestos containing materials may become damaged and depending on the ferocity of the fire, fragments of asbestos-containing materials can be spread over a wide area.

“It is possible that asbestos-containing material may have been deposited in ash or debris around the industrial site. However, this is of no significant health concern as asbestos fibres are held tightly within the body of cement products, such as corrugated roofs, and not readily released into the air during a fire. The risks to health are low and there is unlikely to be any significant exposure to asbestos, following fires involving materials containing asbestos.” 

South Gloucestershire Council is working with the landowner’s contractor to clean up any asbestos- containing materials spread by the fire which may have fallen as debris over the surrounding area.

As the building was engulfed in flames and smoke, police diverted traffic from the scene.

Electricity engineers were called in to isolate power in the building and a structural engineer also attended to assess the damage.

The building operates as The Petfood Warehouse and is described on its website as selling online pet products for dogs, cats, small animals, exotic pets and wild birds.

It said its parent company, AJM, had traded for 30 years and in a message to customers said: “Due to a major fire in the premises, we are unable to take and dispatch orders. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope to have normal service as soon as possible.”