End of recycling bags confirmed

March 25 2019
End of recycling bags confirmed

RECYCLING bags are set to disappear from the streets, as they will no longer be supplied to South Gloucestershire residents.

The council has decided that in future, it will only provide green boxes for storing and collecting recycling.

Some residents already only use boxes for their recycling. The council says that people who have green and white bags can continue to use them until they wear out and it will use up its existing stocks of spares, but will not buy any more.

It says the move will save £100,000 a year, reduce plastic waste and cut the area’s carbon emissions. The bags are imported from China, are not recyclable and usually only last a year to 18 months before they need to be replaced. The boxes are recyclable, last longer and are made in the UK.

The council says the boxes are also safer and easier for collection crews to use because they can be hooked onto the side of collection vehicles to be emptied.

But more than a third of residents who replied to a 12-week consultation which ended in January were opposed the abandoning bags. Many older or disabled people who responded said they did not think they would be able to take their recycling to the kerbside if their bags were replaced with boxes. The council says it provides an assisted collection service for people who need help.

Paul Hughes, the council’s cabinet member for communities, said: “Moving to more environmentally sound boxes for recycling makes sense for the places we live, for the crews who collect our waste and potentially saves the council significant funds.

Our success in delivering on our Waste Strategy – driving down waste sent to landfill and driving up the amounts we can divert to recycling – has always been a joint venture between the council and the community. I am sure that this will be just the latest and not the last time that we work together to keep South Gloucestershire clean and green.”

Anyone who needs a new recycling box or to apply for an assisted collection can do so via the council’s website, by calling 01454 868000 or visiting a one stop shop.