Recycling bins could come to Yate

September 12 2018
Recycling bins could come to Yate

Recycling bins could come to Yate town centre after local residents raised the issue.

South Gloucestershire Council has confirmed that it is now looking at plans to introduce the facilities in Yate, alongside other areas, and bins could be available within the year. 

Recycling facilities could contribute to keeping the town centre free of litter and encourage people to recycle plastic, cans and glass while they are out shopping.  

Mum of three Liz Brennan, who helped raise the issue with the local authority, said: “As a local resident I was very concerned by the lack of on-street recycling bins in our town, so I was delighted to hear the Council is looking into a possible roll-out in Yate. Mixed recycling bins would be a very welcome addition for our community”.

Facilities have already been brought into Chipping Sodbury, where they are sponsored by Hanson Aggregates and sited in the Waitrose Car park.