Road outside Yate primary school closed during drop-off and pick-up

September 02 2020
Road outside Yate primary school closed during drop-off and pick-up

A ROAD outside a primary school is being closed during drop-off and pick-up time to help the safety of children and their families.

South Gloucestershire Council will install retractable bollards in Kelston Close to stop traffic entering and leaving from 8.30-9am and 2.45-3.30pm during term time weekdays, when children are arriving at or leaving Abbotswood Primary School.

The scheme, covering the southern end of the road, is part of the council's ‘School Street’ initiative, which the council says will enable children and families to adhere to social distancing guidelines whilst also providing a healthier and safer environment. It also covers the entrance to the Culverhill School staff car park but not that school's main entrance.

It is one of several new schemes to encourage walking and cycling brought in under guidance from the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

An initial online consultation held from July 23 to August 6 was responded to by nine people and organisations, with eight in favour and one against.

Seven of those who responded said there was a problem with parking outside the school.

One commented: "The cars are a nightmare during school and nursery drop off/pick up.

"Its very dangerous for the children, as the cars don't go slow or park safely.

"Most children going to Abbotswood can walk to the school or park over in the shop car park."

another said: "People park wherever they want and on several occasions I have seen near misses involving children. I am in total support of this scheme."

Once the bollards are raised the council says there will be a "part-time pedestrian and cycle zone".

A member of staff will be able to lower the bollards for emergency vehicles.

A council diagram shows where Kelston Close is being closed during school drop-off and pick-up times

The council has now brought in an experimental traffic order, giving it up to 18 months to decide whether to make the scheme permanent.

People are able to have their say on the consultations section of the council website.

Explaining the scheme in its consultation documents, the council said: "School streets is part of a national campaign which also addresses other concerns affecting schools, such as reducing traffic congestion, improve air quality, general road safety outside schools, as well as encouraging active travel to school and healthier lifestyles for families."