Solar panels could charge electric cars at park & ride

October 28 2020
Solar panels could charge electric cars at park & ride

SOLAR car ports could one day generate energy to recharge electric vehicles at Yate's planned park and ride

South Gloucestershire Council has confirmed that panels to supply parked vehicles could be installed at a future date once the park and ride is completed.

A planning application for the park and ride has been made, with funding agreed by the West of England Combined Authority.

Resident Nick Allen wrote to council leader Toby Savage suggesting the idea, pointing out that car ports with solar panels above parked vehicles are already in use in some French car parks.

Nick said: “Solar panels are fairly light, and in some installations I have seen they elevate the panels on a simple structure, leaving the land below available for car parking.

"If you take it further you could eventually install electric charging for each car space, therefore enabling the cars to be fully charged direct from the panels above when the owners return."

Solar panels have already been installed in a field next to the site, opposite the council's offices in Badminton Road.

A council spokesperson said: “The installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) car ports was considered for the Yate Park and Ride site, with an initial study having been undertaken that concluded that the inclusion of solar PV car ports on site is achievable and would generate sufficient energy for the Council’s neighbouring offices.

The car parking has been arranged in such a way to allow for solar car ports to be added in the future and this will be revisited at a later date, as part of a separate project.

The current scheme does include 38 car parking spaces with electric vehicle charging points. The site has also been future-proofed so that additional charging units can easily be installed as demand increases.”