South Glos is the top place to live

October 02 2018

SOUTH Gloucestershire has been rated the best place to live in England.

 Property consultants CACI and industry magazine Property Week put the area third in the UK - behind Edinburgh and Aberdeen - and just ahead of Devizes, Harrogate and Bath in their national “hot housing index”.

Locations were ranked according to affordability, employment levels, internet connectivity, school provision, public transport access, crime, local amenities and people’s propensity to move from an area.

 And while South Gloucestershire rated low on affordability and crime, it was given top ratings in three of the other six areas. 

Bath was sixth, while Bristol was not in the top 50 places to live, because it was found to be an even less affordable place to buy a home.

The affordability score is calculated by comparing average house price and average income in an area, and this is then combined with the other “quality of life” data.

CACI said South Gloucestershire’s higher rating than Bristol showed living here was a “viable alternative to city-centre living”. 

Director John Platt said: “Much has been said in the press over recent months about declining house prices. This, coupled with a slight increase in average wages, should see the gulf between income and house price come down, but a large proportion of districts in our ranking still score low on overall affordability.”