Strongman scaffolder faces TV cameras in final

August 01 2018
Strongman scaffolder faces TV cameras in final

A scaffolder from Yate has qualified for UK’s Strongest Man competition.

After succeeding in the quest to find England’s Strongest Man, Ryan England is taking part in the UK competition held in St Albans as Yate and Sodbury Voice went to press.

Its the first time that the competition has been held in England and Ryan, who is known for his shoulder power and overhead pressing is one of the favourites to complete the Log Medley on the final day.  Ryan, 31, has been competing in strongman since 2014 and fell in love with the sport after his first training session. He took up the sport after injuring his back in an accident.

The UK competition will be televised on Channel 5 later in the year with the winners going forward to take part in the Worlds Strongest Man. The event sees 16 Strongmen from across the UK and Ireland coming together to pull trucks, flip giant tyres, and lift heavy stones.