Students shine in debating contest

March 29 2018
Students shine in debating contest

STUDENTS from Chipping Sodbury and Brimsham Green schools did battle with words when they took part in a public speaking and debating competition.

The annual Youth Speaks challenge is organised by Chipping Sodbury Rotary Club and this year’s contest involved 12 and 13-year-old pupils arguing for and against several weighty topics - from social deprivation to torture.

The judges decided the best debating team comprised Adi Schinde and Ben Bevan, who argued successfully that science was a threat to humanity. 

The best individual case against the same topic was put by Cameron Stillie, while Jack Baker won over the judges with defence of the opinion that bribery was sometimes acceptable.

 Keith Pattison, chairman of the Rotary club’s youth projects committee, said: “These were difficult subjects to tackle.

“The students undertook a considerable amount of research to enable them to argue their case.” 

Brimsham Green headteacher Kim Garland and Katherine Turner, head of Chipping Sodbury, said the event was a valuable extra-curricular event for the students.