Town and parish voters go to the polls in Yate and Sodbury area

April 30 2019
Town and parish voters go to the polls in Yate and Sodbury area

SOME voters in the Yate and Sodbury area will be able to elect more than one council this week.

On the same day that the new South Gloucestershire Council is decided, elections will also be taking place for the town and parish councils which represent individual communities in the area.

Elections will take place only in places where the number of would-be councillors is larger than the number of seats up for election.

Where there were not enough candidates to force a contest when nominations closed in April, all those people who had come forward have been elected unopposed.

This includes several parish councils in the area, namely Cromhall, Dodington, Falfield, Horton, Iron Acton, and Rangeworthy.

There will also be no elections in Sodbury Town Council’s Old Sodbury and South West wards.

However, there will be contests in Yate Town council’s Central, North and South wards, along with Sodbury Town Council’s North East ward.

The votes will take place at the same time as voting for south Gloucestershire Council is held on Thursday, May 2, and at the same polling stations.

Residents in wards where a town council election is being held should by now have received polling cards.

These are the wards where elections will take place, and the candidates:



Yate Town, Central Ward


Marie Earl (Conservative)


John Lemms (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Suzan Evan-Jones (Conservative)


John Ford (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


John Gawn (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Andy Kybert (Independent)


Jo Lewis (Conservative)


Margaret Marshall (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Amy McNeill (Conservative)


Jason McNeill (Conservative)


Aaron Morgan (Conservative)


John Serle (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Penny Thoyts (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)




Yate Town, North Ward


Liz Brennan (Conservative)


Steve Chubb (Conservative)


John Davis (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Mike Drew (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Sandra Emms (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


David Evan-Jones (Conservative)


Matt Lewis (Conservative)


Alan Monaghan (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Ben Nutland (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Wully Perks (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Jane Price (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Karen Snow-Hanks (Conservative)


Karl Tomasin (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Barry Warner (Conservative)


David Williams (Conservative)


Sonia Williams (Conservative)


Chris Willmore (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Steven Woodruff (Conservative)




Yate Town, South Ward


Tony Davis (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Cheryl Kirby (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Ian Livermore (Conservative)


Shirley Livermore (Conservative)




Sodbury Town, North East Ward


Brenda Allen (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


James Ball (Conservative)


Linda Boon (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Susan Leese (Conservative)


Becky Romaine (Conservative)


Adrian Rush (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)


Paddy Smith (Conservative)


Steve Tubby (Conservative)

For details of the South Gloucestershire Council elections read our overview here.