Vandalised trees replaced

December 22 2018
Vandalised trees replaced

Memorial trees that were vandalised have been replaced thanks to the company that planted them originally.

Having read in the Voice that vandals had destroyed two of the trees planted near to Chipping Sodbury Town FC’s ground at the Ridings, Landcare Tree Nursery based in Old Sodbury stepped in to help. 

Ian Batterton of Landcare said: “One of my team told me that they had read about the vandalism and when the club approached us about planting new trees, we were delighted to donate replacements.” 

“We have worked with the club and the various organisations in the town for 30 years, planting trees on the Ridings, working on the Millennium Gardens and with some of the schools. When this kind of thing happens the community pulls together, and it demonstrates that vandalism achieves absolutely nothing.” 

The two trees were planted to commemorate long standing football club members Patrick O’Connell and Fred Hague. Their families were devastated when they heard that the trees had been damaged. 

President of Chipping Sodbury Town FC Jeff Harper said: “That anyone could stoop so low as to vandalise the memory of two men that had given so much back to the club is beyond our comprehension. Thanks to Landcare’s generosity we have been able to replace the trees which have now been planted.”

The trees planted are the same species as those planted originally, Pyrus Calleryena ‘chanticleer’ a popular deciduous tree with glossy dark green leaves. The vandalised trees have been re-potted and once established will be given to Mrs O’Connell and Mrs Hague to plant in their own gardens.