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November 03 2015

Football Crazy

football crazy

Football Crazy

No, please read on and don’t be alarmed at the word football. Football Crazy is to be a local history exhibition celebrating the impact local football has had on local people and is an antidote to the modern day Premiership prima donna and any associated loutish behaviour.

Why Football?

Local football had had a considerable impact on the lives of many people since Victorian times of course. When Yate and Sodbury were considerably smaller communities, many of the key local families had some influence on local teams. The nature of football was clearly quite different to today, not least in terms of facilities and comfort. We also look at the significance of football to school life, its role in factory camaraderie and the role it played in the life of women before the Second World War and in more recent times. It is clear there are a myriad of issues, to be teased out.

Can I help?

Football Crazy is designed to be a community display drawing on the oral history of many of our former and current players and supporters, who were instrumental in making the local teams what they are today. We aim to put flesh on the key changes in football during the 20th century and in order to do this we are looking for past supporters and players of our local football clubs to come forward with their memories, opinions and hopefully, some artefacts and photographs too.
Please contact Yate Heritage Centre on 01454 862200 or . Football Crazy will be on from January to March 2016.

Just the Tonic
Whether you have painful or fond memories of Frenchay Hospital there is no denying it too had a great deal of influence over many lives. Its closure in 2014 also created great controversy and the debates over the location and size of hospitals rage on. The History of Frenchay Hospital, which is on until November 28th at Yate Heritage Centre, tells the story of Frenchay hospital from the days of the 1920s sanatorium to the recent closure with special features on the US military and the Second World War.
Thanks for this must go, in no small part, to our friends at Frenchay Museum, who have provided not only amazing pictures of the hospital, but also some fascinating uniform and equipment, dating back to the pre-war era, which will no doubt prove evocative for visitors and researchers alike.   
Photo courtesy of Frenchay Museum
For your diary

15th October – 28th November - The History of Frenchay Hospital Exhibition
19th October – 28th November – First World War in Yate & Sodbury
24th November – Yate Lecture Series – History of Medicine & Public Health in Bath with Roger Rolls (7.30pm, £2 admission or free for Friends of YHC) Booking essential.
28th November – Yate Heritage Centre Friends Coffee Morning (10.30am – 1pm)