Village primary school praised in inspection

April 30 2018
Village primary school praised in inspection

DECISIVE action has been taken at Iron Acton Church of England Primary School to tackle absence, with teaching also improving considerably.

Education inspection service Ofsted said the concerted efforts of “well-respected” headteacher Mike Riches during his two years in the post had raised teaching standards and built a strong team of staff, subject leaders and governors.

Inspector Catherine Beeks said pupils enjoyed school and were keen to achieve well, having positive attitudes to learning.

Staff were motivated and proud to be part of the school, while governors were skilled and had a clear understanding of the school’s main priorities. 

The visit was the first short inspection carried out at the village primary since it was judged to be good in January 2014 and it maintained its rating after the visit by Ms Beeks.

She said: “Effective teaching ensures that almost all current pupils make steady progress, with approximately one quarter making good or better progress.

“Safeguarding is effective. Pupils are polite and well-mannered. They say that behaviour is mostly good and that bullying is rare.

“Teachers have high expectations of pupils and provide work that routinely challenges them.”

In her letter to Mr Riches, she said: “You have taken decisive action to tackle higher absence, which is paying dividends and ensuring higher levels of attendance. Pupils are motivated to attend regularly and consequently, good levels of attendance are sustained.”