Yate boxing club needs a new home

May 29 2019
Yate boxing club needs a new home

Yate Amateur Boxing Club is working with Yate Town Council on plans for a new, purpose-built premises.

The club is currently based in an ancient temporary building next to the Yate Outdoor Sports Complex, with no heating. The cabin is too small to have men and women together or to accommodate para-boxers. It’s also damp, so equipment goes mouldy.

Yate mayor Karl Tomasin said: “We are very impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of the coaches, who are all volunteers, and the discipline and commitment they instill in the young people.”

The new building would be on the same site as the YOSC. The club’s vision is to be totally inclusive. It would be run by volunteers as a social enterprise, in particular supporting vulnerable people who would benefit from the personal and physical opportunities of boxing.


Picture: Members of Yate Amateur Boxing Club and coaches with Yate town councillors and others working on the new building project.