Yate choir rocks The Proms

October 02 2018

Yate Rock choir joined forces with fellow “Rockies” from across the country to perform at the BBC Proms in the park at Hyde Park.

Six coaches from the South West region travelled to London to take part in the big surprise – including 30 members from Yate Rock Choir. 

Broadcast live on Radio 2 and on the BBC red button, 10,000 Rock choir members placed themselves discreetly within the crowd, whilst the Rock Choir leaders and founder, Caroline Redman-Lusher took to the main stage to sing “Dancing in the Street.” At the given signal all 10,000 “rockies” removed their coats and cardi’s to reveal their Rock Choir t-shirts.

Yate Rock Choir member Julia Alden said: “Watching the faces of those around us when the flash mob started was hilarious, I think they were quite alarmed when thousands of people started stripping off at the same time.  But they soon cottoned on and joined in by clapping and cheering us”.  

“It was such an amazing day, a privilege to take part in and to support our leader Alex Hawker who was up on the stage.”