Yate fire crews help educate new motorists on road safety

October 31 2018
Yate fire crews help educate new motorists on road safety

Crews from Yate, as well as from Avonmouth and Patchway, have visited a college to perform a reconstruction of a road accident rescue and discuss road safety.

The event, at the SGS college in Filton, was part of a road safety campaign that runs until December in which it hopes to reduce the number of accidents on the roads amongst young and new drivers.

According to the Department of Transport, drivers aged 17-19 only make up 1.5 per cent of UK licence holders, but are involved in nine per cent of fatal and serious crashes where they are the driver.

The AA also found that almost one in four 18 to 24 year olds crash within two years of passing their driving test.

Kurt Hunt, Crew Manager for Risk Reduction, said: “We know that young drivers are statistically more likely to be in an accident but we hope that by showing them how serious a road traffic collision can be, they may take more care on the roads.”

Sara-Jane Watkins, Principal of SGS College, added: “The safety of our students is of utmost importance. Hundreds of learners drive to SGS each day, so it’s fantastic to have Avon Fire and Rescue Service attend our college to teach them the importance of road safety.”