Yate mum makes Ms Great Britain finals

September 28 2021
Yate mum makes Ms Great Britain finals

A MUM-of-two from Yate says she is delighted to have finished in the top five of the Ms Great Britain contest.

It was the first time Nicola Clancy had entered a beauty pageant and she decided to do it on the spur of the moment.

Nicola, who runs her own wedding hairdressing business, was chosen to represent the Bristol region in the finals, which took place in Leicester on September 17 alongside the Miss Great Britain contest. 

Nicola, who is 42, said: "The Ms Great Britain title is a category for the more mature women, so it gives us slightly older ones a chance to compete and do the same things as the younger ones who are in the Miss Great Britain competition.

"At first I decided to enter and not tell anyone. I was putting myself in at the deep end but thought 'why not'?

"I saw the details on Instagram and the closing date was the following day, so I applied. I was told I would hear within a week but a day later it was confirmed that I had been accepted as a finalist so I was in!”

Nicola believes society has moved on from the days when beauty competitions were accused of exploiting women.

She said: "In the age group I am in, it is more acceptable these days to wear swimwear and I certainly don’t feel uncomfortable.

"Maybe in the past my grandparents would have objected but I think people adapt and move on with the times.  

"Its not just stage presence and a pretty face. It’s about charity, publicity, interviews and a press conference."

The finals consisted of interviews and a cocktail dress round followed by swimwear and ballgowns.  Nicola, who adopted Cancer Research as her charity, was accompanied to the finals by her 11-year-old son Lewis (pictured above), and says he enjoyed the experience.

She said: "You could see how proud he was, and he cheered his mum on!

"I am also proud of myself, because I was competing against women who have done this for many years and I’ve met so many lovely people."

Nicola is now concentrating on her business, which is booming as weddings which were cancelled during lockdown are "coming thick and fast".