Yate primary school gives toilets a grand opening

October 02 2018
Yate primary school gives toilets a grand opening

Children at North Road Primary School have given their new loos an ‘opening ceremony’ after they were installed during the summer holidays.

Fundraising by the Friends Association raised £5,000 towards the project, and a significant contribution was also received from the Ladden Brook Ward Councillor, Marian Gilpin. 

Pupils on the school council had chosen the upgrade as the school’s most needed improvement. The old toilets had become rundown and dingy, and children were reluctant to use them.  Over the summer they were ripped out and re-designed by Saphier Plumbing, and now also include a new disabled loo. 

Headteacher Sarah Stillie said: “We are very excited to have our brand new toilets. This has only been possible due to the fundraising from the Friends of North Road Primary School, Marian’s kind donation and obviously the fantastic work Mr Saphier has done for us.”

Cllr Marian Gilpin said: “We have to thank the School Council for pressing for this upgrade, the Friends of North Road School for their superb fund raising efforts throughout the year, and Mrs Stillie for overseeing the design and execution of the project throughout the summer holidays. This is a splendid achievement and must certainly improve the children’s attitude to school and to learning.”