Yate primary school pupils clean up their area

April 29 2022
Yate primary school pupils clean up their area

PUPILS at Tyndale Primary School in Yate have been complimented by members of the community for their hard work keeping the area tidy.

The school in Tyndale Avenue has a litter picking station and are earning an environment badge as part of their Character Education programme teaching respect, responsibility and resilience.

Year 6 teacher Jemma Stewart said: "By taking part in litter picking activities, our pupils have shown respect for the local environment by appreciating the landscape, responsibility by taking it upon themselves to improve the area and resilience when faced with an untidy area that they have previously looked after.

"Some children have also been inspired to organise their own events to support the school and the local community, including litter picking with families and friends, fundraising events such as cake sales and leading projects related to environmental issues."