Yate school's hub helps young learners catch up after lockdowns

July 07 2021
Yate school's hub helps young learners catch up after lockdowns

A YATE primary school is finding new ways to ensure its youngest children can bounce back from the effects of lockdown.

Tyndale Primary School is launching a new initiative, called the Early Years Hub, to support children who have missed out on social development and learning during the time they have had to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Acting head teacher Katie Parkhouse said: "The Early Years Hub will be a fantastic addition to Tyndale as it will support pupils with their communication and interaction skills, and pupils will receive targeted social and emotional interventions, which is an area identified as needing extensive support due to the pandemic.

"The hub will also promote accelerated reading progress, which will support further access to the new Early Years Framework, giving our pupils the best chance of success in their first year at Tyndale."

The hub aims to strengthen support for the school’s youngest pupils in reception and year 1, whose numbers are growing: the school’s reception class is due to double in size from September.

The school’s Early Years teacher has helped local pre-schools in recent months, teaching the children phonics either remotely or in person, because they have missed so much time in their settings because of lockdowns.

Older children are also being given extra support. Year 6 at Tyndale has a breakfast club where pupils can get help with any work they have missed.

In 2018 Tyndale was put into special measures by education watchdog Ofsted.

It reopened in 2019 with the same name, but as a new school under the management of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

When the new leadership team took over, some children had had five different teachers in just three years, and many were already behind with their learning before the pandemic even began.

Ms Parkhouse said: “For us there is massive argument for catch-up.

"We don’t badger the kids every day telling them they are behind – we say 'we will help you, we are in this together' - it’s a team effort.

"It’s not their fault that they’ve had so much time off school due to the pandemic.

"Every second counts. They have five periods a day, 50 minutes a lesson, each lesson follows the same format, and every single lesson counts towards their learning."

Picture: Reception children at Tyndale Primary School