Yate Tang Soo Do student wins at World Championships

September 12 2018
Yate Tang Soo Do student wins at World Championships

A Yate martial arts athlete has triumphed at the World Championships in America.

Chris Woodford, a student who trains at Wellesley Primary School in Yate with the Frome Valley Tang Soo Do club, won a gold and a silver medal at the event held in Greensboro, North Carolina.

He participated with Tom Woodford who is also in the Frome Valley Club, and Nick Davison, from the Bishopston club. There were 51 students in total from Britain amongst 1,700 participants.

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art dating back over 2,000 years, with the World Championships taking place over two days every two years.  

Chris, Tom and Nick competed in the Weapons, Hyungs and Free Sparring categories. Chris won his gold medal for Hyungs, and his silver for Weapons. Nick won gold in each category and was also awarded the Senior Male Grand Champion Cup. Tom wasn’t placed but performed well in a tight group. 

Rachel Woodford from the Frome Valley Tang Soo Do club accompanied the group to Greensboro.  She said: “The students have been working towards this competition for over a year, taking part in regional championships in preparation, and working hard to identify areas they could improve and develop as well as maintaining health and fitness during this long lead-up.  Their success at the World Championships reflects the hard work and dedication that they have given.”

The Frome Valley club, meets on a Tuesday night in Yate. Contact Rachel Woodford on 07712 729726 for more information or go to the website, www.btsda.co.uk