Yate teenager wins world Irish dancing title

April 29 2022
Yate teenager wins world Irish dancing title

A YATE teenager has brought home the world Irish dancing title for her age group.

Rosie Rendell, who attends Yate Academy, went to Düsseldorf in Germany for the 2022 World Irish Dance Association World Championships and took on all comers to win the title.

Rosie, who is 13, won the under-12 title last year but that event was held virtually, which meant she to perform her dances on the floor in her living room in front of a webcam.

This time Rosie, who qualified for this year's U13’s event because of her win last year, was on stage performing live in front of judges and an audience.

Dad John said: "The competition was an incredibly high standard, bringing all the elite performers from all over the world competing in the Irish Dance format in front of an international panel of judges.

"Rosie has been Irish dancing since the age of seven and hasn’t looked back since!

"The level the dancers were performing was really quite impressive. I have zero coordination or dancing skills but I was utterly impressed all weekend.

"What I did see though is how strong a performer Rosie was and felt she deserved to be right in the mix come the end.

"When the numbers were called and Rosie was the winner we couldn’t believe it - the levels were so high, and Rosie’s quality really shone through, and it shows that her dedication and commitment shown to her dancing has paid off so far.

"She is at elite level, and I can confirm first hand she trains at that level too - whether she has had a good or bad day at school, her attitude towards her dancing is second to none.

Rosie with her trophy after winning the under-13 title

Rosie said: “I never give up and keep trying to work hard at my dance.

"I really enjoy it and want to do as well as I can when entered into competitions.

"I thank my coaches, who are brilliant, always pushing me and my colleagues as we always drive each other on.”